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The Graduate Institute of Applied Arts was established in 1997 as Taiwan’s first research facility to recognize the significance of contemporary crafts and to produce a comprehensive graduate curriculum . The Graduate Institute is divided into four areas of specialization: metal, fiber, ceramics, and products, each provide with professional studio space and Facilities. The aims of the Institute are: to continue traditional humanities spirit and creative techniques, in conjunction with modern technology and cultural characteristics, to cultivate contemporary craft artists and designers with innovation, cultural literacy, broad outlook, and international perspectives.

    ● Degree conferred upon program completion:M.F.A.

    ● Number of credits required for graduation:50 credits.



Since its founding, The Institute has been focused on developing an exchange platform with contemporary international craft culture, frequently inviting internationally renowned artists to engage in exchange in residence at the Institute. Diversity in courses is increased through workshops and seminars. International student exchange programs are also arranged to enhance international instruction and learning opportunities, providing students with a more internationally competitive learning environment.
Other than establishing student exchange with several foreign universities, the Institute has also collaborated with well-known art centers abroad, providing graduate students with opportunities of foreign residency after graduation. The level of internationalization at the Institute has become the most prominent among the Taiwanese contemporary crafts Institutions.



The Institute will continue promoting international exchanges and constructing teachers and students exchanges with renown institutes. In order to elevate the professional abilities, the Institute also encourages the faculty and students to  participate international exhibitions, symposiums and competitions.